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Measuring is easy as 1 2 3 .

Heavy duty zipper chain

1. Measure only the open area of your garage door jam to door jam or side to side.(Width)

2. Measure only the open area of your garage door opening from the floor to bottom of top header.(Height)

3. Please note we will be adding 1/2 inch to 1 inch to your Height and 1 inch to each side for mounting.


Actual sizes of screen on our order page are 2 inches wider than stated and almost 1 inch taller

For Example : 16 x 7 screen is actually 16 ft 2 inches X7 ft 1 inch

9X 7 screen is actually 9 ft 1 inch X 7 ft 1 inch

Notes : If your measurements do not compare with our listed sizes we can make one for you that will fit your requirements.

There is a $25 pattern charge for custom made sizes only. To price a custom screen just find one of our stock screens that is close to the size you need and add $25 to that screens price.

We also can make screens with angles if you have a garage with angled brick work or woodworking . There is a $25 stencil charge for this service also.

how to measure garage door screen

angled door frames


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Man Watching Garage Door Screen

Garage Door Screen exterior view

Garage Screen with car

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