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Screen Accessories

Zipper pulls- Extend your zippers 2 1/2 inches for easier access and sliding of zippers .They just snap on Package of 4 only $4.95

Zipper Pulls

SCREEN CLEANER & SEALER ------ 1 bottle will service screen several times is speciallyScreen Cleaner and Sealer developed for cleaning and sealing vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum window and door screens. SCREEN CLEANER & SEALER is safe and effective for vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum mesh, framing and mullions. Regular use will protect aluminum screens and frames to help prevent corrosion. Special emollients will seal and restore natural resistance to vinyl and fiberglass screens and frames. SCREEN CLEANER & SEALER may be applied to brand new screens prior to installation or to restore the appearance and durability of existing soiled screens and frames. Regular treatment will protect the fabric and frame against bird droppings, acid rain, the general pollutants in the atmosphere, and color fading caused by UV rays from the sun .SCREEN CLEANER & SEALER provides home and building owners with a like new appearance while reducing window screen maintenance

  • Fast and easy to use

  • Safe and effective for all types of window and door screens

  • For use on both screens and frames as well

  • Provides a durable barrier to protect screens and keep them cleaner longer

  • Just wipes on with a cloth

  • After use, any dust or soil can be easily brushed away

TYPE                                           : Emulsion
COLOR                                        : Orange
FRAGRANCE                               : Mild
FLASH POINT                               : Nonflammable
pH                                                : 7-8
SOLUBILITY IN WATER                 : Soluble 12 oz.


Screen Clean SpongeScreen Clean Sponge--The sponges are made from a natural rubber material .
It lifts away dust, dirt, soot, and lint from any dry surface. It uses the open cells of the sponges to absorb, actually lifting dust, dirt, soot, and lint into the sponge. It is always used dry and no chemicals are used.

Once the sponge has become soiled, simply wash it out with soap and water and allow it to dry. When the sponge is completely dry it will be ready to use again color may vary size 6 inch x 3 inch x 1 1/2 inches

$4.95 each.

Storage Bag
You can take your screen down during the winter if you like and roll it up like a storage bag. At our customers request we have made a unique storage bag. It is made of durable polyester mesh with a drawstring and a patented locking closure,. These bags are ideal for storing your screen. They are 15 inch X 22 and will accommodate all screens under 18 feet . Color currently available is black . We can produce other colors on orders of 50 or more.
Storage bags retail price $10.00

SB1522 $10.00

Polyester Mesh Storage Bag


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Man Watching Garage Door Screen

Garage Door Screen exterior view

Garage Screen with car

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