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Pulley System

Garage Door Screens Pulley System

We do not sell pulley systems due to the fact that it could be a hazard to children and pets. Any type of device that has hanging rope or twine can possibly cause strangulation.

If you would like a pulley system for your garage door screen you can buy everything you need at your local hardware store or home center for under $10

Pictured below are some photos from customers. Please be very cautious and careful to make your system safe.

Garage Door Screens Pulley System

Garage Door Screen Pulley System

We do not sell a garage door screen pulley system on our website. We founded our on virtues of honesty and caring and we will not produce or sell any product that could possibly cause harm to children or pets.


Please be aware that there are companies on the internet that sell a pulley system that contains 4 pulleys and or 4 eye screws with 75 foot of twine for over $38.


You can buy everything you need for under $10.00 at your local home center.


A little creativity and you can make your screens roll up. Below, we have included some helpful information submitted to us by a customer.


The pulleys need to hang inside the screen. Follow the drawing to see how to string the cording. A knot or large bead at the end of the cord will keep it from pulling through the pulley. You can tie the ends together but if you have pets in the house you may want to keep them separate to prevent them from hanging his or herself on the cord.


Please Note:

The only instructions we have for installing the pulley kit is what you just read. We have not tested the system. However, we did put it on 2 screens. It takes a little innovation and handyman skills but seems to work. Feel free to use our diagrams to make your own pulley system. Also, please remember we have no installation guide or advice when setting up the pulley system. We are garage door screen manufactures and do not endorse the pulley kit.


We sew straps on the top of each screen that can be used to secure the screen when it is rolled up as seen in the photo below. This does not require a pulley kit to be used and is completely manual.


garage door screen pulley system