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Installation Instructions

Screen Installation - No tools necessary

Screens were designed to mount on the outside frame of your door

Step 1 – Make sure the area you are mounting your screen to is free from peeling paint, protruding nails, or loose wood. You may want to clean the area or sand lightly.

Step 2 – Unroll screen and hold it up to where you would like to mount it, about 1 inch above your garage door. You may want to pencil a line across the top of your door and down each side so you can have a guide for attaching the hook fastener. Make sure
your screen will not interfere with your door opening and closing.

Step 3 – Put screen aside for now and take self adhesive fastener tape and unroll about 1 foot at a time. Pull back transparent tape and press hook fastener to your mounting surface about 1 foot at a time.

You may want to start at the top of your mounting surface first then follow along each side.

Step 4 – It is a good idea to let the self-adhesive fastener cure for 24 hours to achieve maximum adhesion. You may want to staple or nail through the self –adhesive fastener
to increase the holding strength. (use nails or staples that will not rust)

Step 5 – Unroll screen and start at either top corner pressing the screen on to the hook fastener you have mounted and then continue down each side.

Garage Door Screen Installation Video

Additional Notes

A. Each screen has a pouch sewn at the bottom that you may insert ½ inch conduit or plastic pipe to add weight to the bottom of the screen, to minimize movement and keep the screen close to your floor.

B.  Cleaning screen: Use mild soap and water. Make sure screen is completely dry before storing. Do not store screen if it is damp.

C.  Screen can be removed very easily. You will want to leave the self-adhesive material attached to you door frame.

Consumer Warning

Screens have been manufactured to keep insects and leaves out. They are not engineered to be used for containment of children , pets, or animals.