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Gazebo Screens From GarageDoorScreens.com

Gazebo Screens From GarageDoorScreens.com

Gazebo Screens from Garage Door Screens.com

A customer sent an inquiry about ordering a gazebo screen from Garage Door Screens.com

Hey Frank, we were on your website, GarageDoorScreens.com and it seems like your screen design may work for us. We want to screen in our gazebo. It would be great to enjoy it without annoying mosquitoes. Our question to you is, can you make your Garage Door Screen much smaller to fit our gazebo? There are eight sections for screen that we’ll roll up and one door entrance. The opening for the window sections are 48″ wide and 48″ tall, almost a perfect square. We understand that we will be able to unattached the screens during the winter months and also roll them up in the spring if we would like to. We are not sure how they would attach with the hook and loop. Could you give us an estimate and time frame? We would like to have them by a week from Friday for an employee picnic we are having in our yard.

Ordering a Gazebo Screen

We would be happy to custom make screens to fit your gazebo. The screens we would make would have all of the features of our original Garage Door Screens. The only difference would be that we would scale the size down to your measurements. We would also sew hook fastening tape on all four sides to insure a secure fit and prevent mosquitoes from getting into the screened area.

How much does a Gazebo Screen Cost?

A ballpark price for the screens would be $39.00 per screen. We would make and ship them within 7-10 days. Shipping is included. The screens have 1″ loop sewn on all 4 sides of the screen. Included with each screen will be enough sticky back self adhesive hook to attach to your frame work.




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