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Keep the Bugs Out with Garage Door Screens

Keep the Bugs Out with Garage Door Screens

Keep the Bugs Out with Garage Door Screens

Mark and Mary McIntyre moved into their dream home, but were disappointed when they were not able to use their garage space due to the constant bother of bugs. They looked to the internet for a solution and found Garage Door Screens.com. The website stated they would need to measure the opening size of the garage door, choose the number of zippers included on the screen, as well as a color of self adhesive hook for installation.

Measuring for Your New Garage Door Screen

When measuring for your Garage Door Screen, we ask that you measure twice so we receive the correct numbers to cut.  We will also ask how many zippers you would like to be sewn into the screen. Mark and Mary, asked what number of zippers we would recommend for their garage door. Because there is a man door next to the garage we suggest that there is no need for more than two zippers on the screen. The last step is to choose a color of self adhesive hook for installing your new screen. While white hook is standard, you can upgrade to a different color for a small fee. Mark and Mary, chose beige hook as the trim around their garage is a similar color. Once we are given your information we will begin the process of making your screen, which takes an average of 10-14 days.

Enjoying Your New Garage Door Screen

Mark and Mary, are happy to know that their Garage Door Screen is easy to install and does not require any special materials or equipment. They have been able to spend more time outdoors and have enjoyed inviting friends and family over for gatherings. Since purchasing their screen they are able to enjoy their garage space, without the nuisance of pests and insects.

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