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Keep The Zika Virus Out!

Keep The Zika Virus Out!



A recent USA TODAY article by Liz Szabo discusses the probability that the Zika mosquito virus hitting the United States is very high or eminent. The Zika virus, spread only by mosquitoes, has mainly been found in South America and Mexico. Though it doesn’t pose much of a threat to people, and the symptoms are normally quite mild and treatable, the real fear is with pregnant women and the birth defect (microcephaly) where “infants are born with small skulls and incomplete brain development” (Szabo, 2016).


In an article written by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) the second prevention tip informs people to “stay in places with air conditioning or that use window and door screens to keep mosquitoes outside” (CDC, 2016).


As many may know, a significant percentage of the population will no longer use repellents that contain DDT, and other toxins that can cause cancer and other horrible diseases and health issues. And, there are even more significant debates between environmentalists and large corporations concerning chemical spraying farmlands and other areas used to kill mosquitoes and other pesky insects.


That is why Garage Door Screens is BEST ALTERNATIVE, and the easiest answer to the prevention of mosquitoes and the Zika Virus that they carry.

Our garage screen doors are quality designed to roll up or roll down, turning your garage, gazebo, barn, or porch into an extra living space while allowing the fresh air in! BUGS OUT, fresh air in.


So, defend yourself from the Zika Virus before it inevitably invades the U.S. by purchasing your screens from Garage Screen Door TODAY!




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