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Looking For a Garage Door Screen in Southern California?

Looking For a Garage Door Screen in Southern California?

Looking for a Garage Door Screen in Southern California?

Jose, from Southern California, sends us a question: Hi, I’m looking for a screen door for my garage that measures 148″ wide by 133″ tall, thanks.

We answer his inquiry by asking if 148″ is the width or the height to make sure Jose receives a screen that fits. We will need the open area measurements of the screen. The finished measurements will be 2 inches wider and 1-1/2 inches longer. We also ask Jose how many zippers he would like sewn into his Garage Door Screen.

Choosing the right number of zippers for your Garage Door Screen

There are many choices to consider regarding zipper installation. You may choose a screen with zero zippers, one zipper, two zippers or three zippers. A screen with no zippers is the most inexpensive option, however, in order to enter and exit the area you must detach the Garage Door Screen from the door frame. The no zipper option is excellent for garages with a man door that is within a few feet of the garage door that can be used for entering and exiting. A screen with one zipper is a good choice if you need to enter and exit your garage through the screened area, as the zipper is located vertically down the center of the screen. Screens with one zipper can only be rolled up if they are detached from the door frame. Two zipper screens have two zippers that are sewn 1-1/2 inches from each side. By unzipping both zippers, you can roll up the screen without detaching the screen from your door frame. You will also be able to enter and exit the screen from either side. Two zipper screens are the most common choice among customers. Three zipper screens allow you to roll up the entire screen or half of the screen at one time. You will also be able to enter and exit through any of the zippers on the screen. Three zipper screens are great for larger door openings 16 feet or wider.

Custom Garage Door Screens Shipped in 10-14 Days

Jose will be happy to know that we can make a Garage Door Screen to fit his opening measurements for the same price as our 12 x 12 foot screen plus a $35 pattern fee. Most custom screens are made and shipped in 10-14 days.





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