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Material Specifications


  • Mesh: 18x14

  • Diameter: .011"

  • Finishes: Charcoal color only

  • Made is U.S.A.

  • Resilient, long lasting

  • Easy to install

  • Will not crease, dent, or unravel

  • Withstands all climates, salt air, and industrial fumes

Material Specifications for Garage Door Screens

Our company's fiberglass insect screening is woven from high quality fiberglass yarn that is precisely coated with a protective material. All fiberglass products are manufactured under strict standards to assure that the colors are consistent and the mesh is uniform.

Sew-on Hook and Loop

Our sew-on hook and loop is manufactured and used on the highest quality sporting good products in the world. We begin with German monofilament thread for prolonged cycle life. Then we coat the underside of the hook and loop with the thickest polyurethane backing in the industry. Such details insure a super-strong shear and peel strength even after 10,000 or more cycles.

Technical Characteristics

The chart below compares our hook and loop to the U. S. Military requirements. Ours exceeds the Military requirements in every area tested.


Pressure-Sensitive Hook and Loop

Quality and delivery are assured as our company offers our own in-house, state-of-the-art hot melt coating facility. Adhesives and coating are continuously being developed for use in the packaging, display, automotive, aerospace and other industries industry.

  • High tack–quick-setting.

  • Achieves 90% bond strength in approximately one hour. Full strength: 24 hours.

  • Temperature operating range: 40F - 190 F.


One of the big benefits of a hook and loop joining system is that the fastener is usually out of sight between bonded surfaces. In some instances, however, tape color or transparency will be important.

Environmental Conditions

Consider the types of exposure that your bonds will be required to resist. These include temperature extremes, presence of sunlight (U.V.), and whether water, oils or solvents will be factors.

Quick & Easy Answer to the Most Commonly Asked Question

What’s the difference between the Hook & Loop tape?

The Hook side is the rough or hard side, while the Loop side is the soft or fuzzy side. Although there are many types of both Hook & Loop tapes, the end use of the product will help determine which product would be best.

1" Regular Poly-Pro Webbing on top and sides of Screen

This Polypropylene Webbing is easier to clean than Nylon. Typically used in carriers, bags and accessories for Children, food service, hospital use and other applications where ease of cleaning is required.. Rated tensile strength 600 Lbs.

18.5 OZ. Vinyl Vinyl Coated Polyester

Physical Properties


  • Extremely Strong And Durable

  • High Tensile Strength

  • Anti-Mildew Treatments & U.V. Pigments For Weather ability


To assure the creation of zippers that can out-perform and out-last the competition, Garage door screens has it’s design engineers contract manufactures that have their own zipper producing machinery
Material Specifications for Garage Door Screens