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8′ High Garage Door Screens

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8' High Garage Door Screens

ALL SCREENS are CHARCOAL COLORED. Included with each screen is everything you need to mount your screen including enough self adhesive hook fastener for the size ordered. All screens are charcoal colored.

It is your choice of what color self adhesive hook fastener. You may want to match your garage's trim paint.

Our standard screen comes with 2 zippers which is our Most Popular Screen!

Most stock screens ship in 24-72 hours

We ship to all locations within the USA . Canada orders require a $40 shipping charge per screen.

Zipper Options

There is an additional $20 for 3 zippers (a zipper on each side and a zipper down the middle).

Selecting only 1 zipper will deduct $20 from your order. If you chose this option, there will be one zipper down the middle only and screen will not roll up.

Selecting the no zipper option will deduct $40 from your order. This means your screen will have to pulled off hook in order to enter or exit.

The 2 zipper screen is the standard option. Zippers are 1&1/2 inches in from each side and allows roll up of the screen. This option offers 2 exit/entry locations with out detaching screen. The first number is the width and the second is the height. Width X Height

$137.00 — $211.00

$132.00 — $206.00

You save $5.00 — $6.00 (2% — 4%)!

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