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Where is the Garage Door Screen mounted on a garage door opening?

Can the garage door be closed with the Garage Door Screen mounted?

Can the Garage Door Screen be left up full time?

How long does it take to install the Garage Door Screen?

Can you leave the Garage Door Screen up and drive a car in and out of the garage?

Can we get the Garage Door Screen higher than 8 feet?

What holds the Garage Door Screen to the floor?

Can we order custom screen sizes different than what is shown on the price sheet?

Can Garage Door Screens be used on gazebos, patios, carports, or porches?

What is the warranty on the Garage Door Screens?

What color are the screens?

Do your screens mount inside or outside of our garage door?

How does your screen compare to other similar garage screens?

What is hook and loop fastener?

How does the hook fastener attach?

What color loop will come with my garage door screen screen?

Is everything I need to install my garage door screen included?

What keeps the screen secure to the floor?

How long does it take to install?

What is the guarantee?

How can I be assured of a good fit?

What tools will I need?

I am not sure if 16 x7 will fit my garage. My door opening is 15 ft 10 inch wide X 6 ft 11 inches tall?

Is there any preparation needed before mounting my screen?

Should we be concerned about the size we order if our door is a little shorter and not so wide?

How does the screen roll up?

How do we secure our screen when rolled up?

How do they hold up to the wind?

How do you maintain and clean your screen?

How does shipping work?

Where is the Garage Screen mounted on a garage door opening?

Can the Garage Screen be left up full time?