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Self Adhesive Fastening Tape

Adhesive Back Hook and Loop

This high-quality self-adhesive hook and loop tape offers superior, adjustable closure over a long life cycle, ideal for every day, long term use for a variety of applications. You can also wash or dry-clean the tape. The quick setting rubber based adhesive backing is suitable for items requiring a fast turnaround. This adhesive is made to use on a variety of surfaces including steel, plaster, wood, plastic, and textiles. The first component features tiny hooks, the second features smaller loops. When the two are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops and the two pieces fasten or bind temporarily. When separated, by pulling or peeling the two surfaces apart, the strips make a distinctive “ripping” sound.


Hook/Loop Fastening Tape System




The Hook side is the rough or hard side, while the Loop side is the soft or fuzzy side.


Our screens have the loop sewn onto the screen and the hook is the sticky back tape that you put onto your garage door frame


hook and loopPlease note: there are others that copy our product and use the hook sewn on the screen and supply you with the loop for mounting on your garage frame.


If you bought your screen from us, you will need the Sticky Back HOOK that mounts to your door frame. However, we also carry sticky back loop if you bought your screen elsewhere.


The self-adhesive fastening tape is one inch in width. This accommodates the one inch we sew around the perimeter of our screens.


Please note, we design all of our screen products to use in conjunction with the sticky back HOOK. Not the loop, as we sew the loop on the perimeter of the screen.


For more information regarding hook and loop materials, you can visit this link